Monad Stories

  • The Sound of Art

    We have been listening to a lot of ambient music lately. It serves as the perfect background for focussing on writing, or making art. The aural te...
  • Art, Truth, and Beauty

    In G.M.A. Grube’s Plato’s Thought, the author discusses Plato’s views on Art. In Grube’s words, the great philosopher theorized that the purpose o...
  • Creative Connectivity

    One of the most fascinating aspects of social networking is the fact that the internet, a technology secreted by the human/animal mind - the evolv...
  • Through the looking glass

    What is the purpose of art? Human beings stand out as the only animals that have produced a range of artistic outputs and artifacts in a short pe...
  • The Philosophy of Monad

    The idea of Monads has struck our fancy since as long as Amruta and I have known each other.
  • Medium and Connection

    Amruta and I are artistic by nature. We have been encouraging each other to practice art since first time meeting in 2007.
  • Welcome to this page!

    To begin, I wanted to share some thoughts that have been on my mind ever since I began dabbling in digital art.