Creative Connectivity

One of the most fascinating aspects of social networking is the fact that the internet, a technology secreted by the human/animal mind - the evolving ape - has now become the burgeoning interface where human beings connect. This is a non-trivial observation when you truly consider the big picture view. In the light of evolution, the fact that the internet is a tool created by the monkey mind, unleashes a series of deep, and often existentially slick questions, in the mind. After all, why would the apes need to connect?

The purpose behind our trend to connect may be explained in terms of what our history with technology has told us all along. Our past has revealed that the reason our monkey minds have been touching the edge, is to continue exploring. It is our peculiarity to keep connecting with information, which lies beyond our reach. We want to pursue the meaning that hides beyond our boundaries. We are constantly pushing the capacity of our ratiocination abilities.

But where do we go from here?

Our visions of the future are laced with interlinked wires of information flow. We envision a time when time itself will transform into something new. Binary codes and holographic scenes dominate our concocted clairvoyance. Some sort of strange attractor seems to pull at the seams of our curiosity, provoking our innate hunger to understand. We have transformed into creatures in search of meaning. We have become the hunters and gatherers of INFORMATION. We want to understand, well, everything!

Science fiction is the way we have traditionally surrendered our imagination to these future happenings. But where will these singularities flow? What will the future show?

A very important aspect of figuring this out involves creativity.