Medium and Connection

The concept of Monad has struck our fancy for as long as Ankur and I have known each other. We came across this word while researching topics in chaos theory, morphogenesis, and mathematics, sometime in early 2009. During this phase of our friendship, we were obsessed with forms and shapes in nature. At that time, Ankur was studying developmental biology, probing embryonic processes under the microscope and trying to imagine the codified information that manifests the magic of morphogenesis. A major part of our new friendship was coloured by seemingly endless conversations about this fascinating natural phenomenon. In the process, we also found ourselves particularly drawn towards the philosophical undertones and questions regarding the ontology of natural forms and patterns. What exactly is the ‘nature’ of forms in nature? How are its patterns encoded? What does this encoding mean in a computational sense? Pondering over such questions inevitably led us to the concept of Monad. Perhaps because of this background, our art has emerged its own patterns and meanings, which have been quite fascinating to witness, particularly through the eyes of others.

After thinking about this for the past few years and listening to our friends and family express interest in our work, we finally decided that the best way for us to share our art with the world would be through some kind of an online platform. We realized that to honor the core ideas that we have been cultivating through Monad, we need to approach our work as a medium for broadcasting what we have experienced as creativity through some kind of a material and tangible form that can be held and explored by anyone who spontaneously resonates with our works. Monad Arts is thus an experiment to beam these ideas through art juxtapositions — images, words, and music. If through this experiment we are able to deliver thought-provoking outcomes, then we feel that the main objective of Monad has been achieved. We are excited to announce that from 1st May 2021 the Monad Arts page will be live and ready to be shared with you.