The Philosophy of Monad

Monad is a story about the friendship that bloomed between Ankur and I. Our common affinity with art was a key factor that catalyzed this friendship. Since the first time we met in 2007, we have been encouraging each other to practice art for the sake of art. Although, we do not easily agree when someone refers to us as artists (we find it a heavy adjective to bear), we strongly believe in our passion for art and artists. Since the early days our friendship has evolved with the intention of manifesting this love for art in various forms. And along the way we learned that art is a medium for deep connection. Words like 'medium' and 'connection' have wider meanings related to information theory and the mathematics of networks, which also intersect with the meaning of Monad—an indivisible and hence ultimately simple entity. Over the years, we have realized that these ideas naturally resonate with our artistic endeavours and adventures. With this in mind, we have been working on building an online platform to share our ideas and art with others who might also experience this resonance.