Welcome to this page!

To begin, I want to share some thoughts that have been on my mind ever since I began dabbling in digital art.

Here goes:
In the context of the artist, everything is art. Or at least it should be. 
Like many others, I have been curious about the existence of Art in relation to human evolution. 
Of course art exists everywhere we see it, we just need to see it in a particular way. 
One can write poetry about the infinitude of the cosmos. 
One can paint pictures of just the blue sky. 
Even a banana taped on a wall has been sold as art. 
It seems the artist - not unlike the scientist - reveals a perspective that was hidden. Sometimes in plain sight. 
Something quite mundane could transform into significance when manifested as art.
One of the guiding principles of Monad© is to catalyze this invocation of everything is art.
I admit, it is not always that simple and straightforward to see everything as art. 
Afterall, what is everything?
A lot of ink has been used to understand and explain the phenomenology of everything. 
However, like most existential questions, this process has been riddled with paradoxes. 
And that is perhaps how everything = art. 
The role that art plays in relation to the human condition is simultaneously obvious and complex. 
Now, these are just figments of my own limited understanding on the subject. 
There are many ways to interpret art. 
How do you see everything?