What is Monad?


"Everything gets diluted in infinity. Nothing can concentrate it. It is all, forever fluctuating.”

The philosophical definition of Monad is, "An absolutely simple entity, conceived as the ultimate unit of being." 

Mathematically speaking, Monad bears the reflection of infinity. As a word it is a subtle expression of pure imagination. As a place it is akin to the mind; invisible and yet a panoptical, all-encompassing object.

As a story, Monad-Arts™ is the tale of two friends, who helped each other realize that deep down, everything, is art, and we are all artists. 

The two friends:


Amruta, is on a mission to beautify her experiences of existence by spinning them into visual stories. She sketches these stories by doodling and painting pictures. Her constant attempt is to cultivate order out of chaos.


Ankur, is an explorer of ideas and sci-fi fantasies. He likes to blend science and art, words and music; to share his inner world as an interpretive commentary on outer realities.